Pool Services

Pool Service for El Dorado Hills, Serrano, Cameron Park, Shingle Springs, and Placerville in El Dorado County

All American Pools offers premium pool service in the Sierra foothills of El Dorado County. We are people just like you; we’re trustworthy, hard-working folks. We have defined what high quality pool maintenance is and the indicators below are what we base our high quality services on.

Indicators of Quality Pool Maintenance:

  • Good water clarity
  • Water is easy on your eyes and skin
  • Baskets are empty of debris
  • Pool sweep is empty of debris
  • Equipment sounds normal while operating
Quality Indicators of Foothill Pool Care:

  • Dependable
  • Detail Oriented
  • Friendly
  • Reliable
  • Hard working
  • Customer Service Oriented
  • Maintains Good Customer Communication
  • Maintains Good Customer Retention

At All American Pools our mission is to meet your needs so we offer a variety of service levels and can customize our services to assure your satisfaction.

Chemical Service

We recognize that some customers want to do their own physical labor on their pool but they don’t want to be bothered with chemicals so our basic level of service is the Chemical Service. When you select the Chemical Service we come to your pool weekly to measure and balance all chemicals. This includes checking and adjusting; Chlorine, PH, Alkalinity, Calcium, and Conditioner. We recommend the Chemical and Filter Service though as most pool sweeps and filters pick up a lot of debris every week.

Chemical and Filter Service

A second level of service is Chemical and Filter Service for customers who would prefer to have all the basics taken care of. This is our most popular service level. This level of service includes weekly chemical maintenance in addition to cleaning out the baskets and pool sweeper. We will also check your equipment weekly for any leaks and verify everything is operating correctly.

Premium Pool Service

Our highest level of service is our all inclusive Premium Pool Service. This level of service is for customers who want their pool to be virtually care-free. This level of service includes all of the services included in Chemical and Filter Service in addition to brushing the pool walls and netting as needed on a weekly basis.

The table below provides a quick overview of the benefits of each level of service:


Benefits Chemical Service Chemical and Filter Service Premium Pool Service
Monitor and adjust chemicals weekly X X X
Be kind, trustworthy and great with pets X X X
Clean baskets and pool sweep weekly X X
Brush pool sides X
Net Pool X

Cost of Services

Please call us to make an appointment so we can come and evaluate your pool. Each pool requires a bid based upon the size of the pool, the gallons of water, the type of equipment, etc. We are happy to come and give you an estimate for servicing your pool at one of the three service levels according to your wishes.


Swimming Pool Equipment Repairs

All American Pools can provide expert swimming pool repairs for plumbing and equipment. Repairs are not part of the regular service fee and require additional charges. We do not repair plaster but we can provide referrals to high quality contractors as needed for plaster.


Start Up Service

All American Pools provides Start up Service for new pools. We provide this service for several major pool construction companies including Premier Pools and Advanced Pools. In order to protect your new equipment and plaster, it is very important to properly prepare the water and equipment at Start Up. Even if you plan to maintain the pool yourself it is wise to employ All American Pools to complete the Start Up cycle for you.